Tool unlocking telnet on NETGEAR router.

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    You could use C, or Python script. There is an to an easily use which use by default ip and mad associated to retrieve with arp command.


    Note: you could use TELNETABLE_IP to specify IP, and TELNETABLE_MAC to specify mac. You'll need to specify ip and mac of the router.

    C/Python directly

    python <IP> <MAC> <Username> <Password>
    IP - The IP of your Netgear device, usually
    MAC - The mac address should be the MAC address of the LAN port on your Netgear device, WITHOUT the ":". e.g. "00:40:5E:21:14:4E" would be written as "00405E21144E".
    Username - Username for accessing the telnet console, usually 'Gearguy'
    Password - Password for accessing the telnet console, usually 'Geardog'

    Note: This python script is useful in case of C code doesn't work.