Self Host

    See also awesome self-hosted


    • Uptime Kuma
    • Vigil: (rust)
    • notify change on any website (regex filtering)
    • Miniflux: RSS crawler
    • apprise: notification service for many protocols (Matrix, Nextcloud, Slack, mailto, sms)
    • lightweight backedn and web-ui to manager containers
    • Gotify: A simple server for sending and receiving messages in real-time per WebSocket



    • Vikunja: tasks manager (support caldav)
    • Baikal: manage calendar and contacts (support caldav)
    • Focalboard: kanban
    • Snipe-IT: asset management
    • OpenSupports: ticketing management (see also Zammad for alternative, but more complex)
    • Tandoor: managing recipes, planning meals, building shopping lists
    • Linkding: bookmark service (existance of firefox plugin and chrome plugin) - good for archives, but not for daily usage
    • Paperless: Scan, index, and archive all of your paper documents
    • firefly-iii: accounting
    • snypy: organizing your code snippets
    • flatnotes: database-less note taking web app that utilises a flat folder of markdown files for storage
    • Traggo: tag-based time tracking tool




    • Meillisearch: search engine (rust)
    • ModelFox: machine learning platform (train, deploy, monitor) (rust)
    • Timely Dataflow: distributed data-parallel compute engine (rust)
    • MinIO: object storage compatible with amazon s3
    • GlusterFS: distributed and scalable storage filesystem
    • Plik: scalable & friendly temporary file upload system (wetransfer equivalent)
    • high-performance, end-to-end (agent & aggregator) observability data pipeline that puts you in control of your observability data (rust)
    • Metabase: easily make interesting graph/dashboard from SQL data (without knowing SQL)
    • Deepstack: face recognition
    • Frigate: object recognition


    • Mailcow: mail solution (smtp, imap, anti-spam service)
    • Kutt: url shorter
    • Whitebophir (WBO): collaborative whiteboard (see excalidraw)
    • Zola: static site generator (rust)
    • Harbor: container registry management
    • cheat sheets
    • docker-rutorrent: torrent manager
    • docker-drawio: whiteboard / diagram app (non-live-collaborative)
    • headway: maps (openstreetmap) - demo
    • rustdesk: teamviewer equivalent (rust)
    • fitness/workout manager
    • rustpad: efficient and minimal open-source collaborative text editor
    • libretranslate: Open Source Machine Translation API, offline capable and easy to setup.
    • it-tools: Collection of handy online tools for developers, with great UX.
    • excalidraw: Virtual whiteboard for sketching hand-drawn like diagrams
    • docuseal: DocuSign alternative. Create, fill, and sign digital documents
    • n8n: no code workflow automation tool. Easily automate tasks across different services.